Why us

Strengths & competitive advantages

  • Personnel – technically experienced in importation, trading, supply, transportation and logistics. Two advisers in international trade are part of the team to expedite communication with foreign suppliers.
  • Well-connected on intuitional level & media.
  • Own warehousing facilities.
  • Logistics – our strong relation with experienced third-party logistics companies ensures prompt operations in terms of transportation from around the globe & smooth import procedures
  • Coverage among modern trade, cosmetic shops, professional retail, beauticians and salons, HORECA, wholesale throughout the country.
  • Attractive events & strong in-store campaigns. Our connections in beauty and fashion field through sister company Golden Models enforce the marketing activities of our company & ease creation of brand awareness via brand ambassadors and influencers.
  • The years of personal attachment to local fashion and beauty industry with deep understanding of this field’s vision & needs minimize risk and enlarge profit.
  • The company focus on developing market-leading products and services that meet Rwandan objectives.


  • Good governance;
  • Political stability with well-functioning institutions;
  • Observance of the rule of law;
  • Zero tolerance for corruption;
  • Low public debt/GDP;
  • Population: Over 12 Million with rapidly growing middle class;
  • GDP per capita grew to US$787 in 2018;
  • GDP growth: Over 8% per annum;
  • Contribution to GDP by sectors:
  • Services – 48%
  • Agriculture – 29%
  • Industrial sectors – 16%
  • Low inflation level;
  • Stable exchange rates;
  • Fruitful business environment
  • Access to neighboring East African markets (Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi)
  • Part of EAC Common Market and Customers Union
  • Market potential to over 125 million people

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