About us

Isimbi Cosmetics & Imports Ltd


Isimbi Cosmetics & Imports Ltd is a domestically registered company in Rwanda that deals in Importation and Distribution (supply) of various types of goods such as cosmetics, food, tabaco, etc, sourced both from abroad and locally from East Africa. Our products are of superior quality, made from the best manufacturers and suppliers.

Isimbi Cosmetics & Imports Ltd is a private company with offices based in the heart of Kigali. Established in 2018 with the notion of the potential of Rwandan developing economy, is already one of the leading importers in the country through fast, quality services and delivery of inquiries.

We are focused on our clients’ needs and expectations. Our company strives to constantly maintain and improve customers’ satisfaction by providing high standard quality of products and services.

Vision & mission – To maintain our status of a leading and reliable partner in the provision of world class importation, wholesale and distribution services in Rwanda and in the region.

Increasing the accessibility and sustainable flow of both FMCG & premium professional products to wider groups of consumers in our area is main task for our team.

100% shareholder and CEO in Isimbi Cosmetics & Imports Ltd is Isimbi Vestine Muragijimana – former Miss Rwanda, as well as  owner of Golden Models Ltd. (largest modeling agency in Rwanda).

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