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Story of Isimbi


The story starts the year 1990, in a small Village in the southern province of the land of 1000 hills – Rwanda , a little Girl was born to a happy family in Gitwe . living as farmers with ½ USD per day without electricity, water, proper hygienic and toilets..

Everything changed one evening in April 1994 where country faced one of the most terrible genocide ever happen on earth, the Genocide against the Tutsi.

A 4 years old little girl found herself running for her life between dead bodies, gunshots, killers, scared and alone.

Then she thought that her life was over, and she was in this world all alone… even though everyone who survived in her family thought she was dead…… she was found 5 years after genocide 300 KM from her village living in orphanage.

She was brought back in village to be with her survived family…here she was raised by a strong hard-working woman – whom she (until today) proudly calls “my Grandmother”.

Isimbi, as little girl lost almost her entire family, started her new chapter in her life called the “the dreams in the village”

From that age (9) Isimbi wanted a better life for herself, her family and Kids one day…

To think about a better future in that village was almost impossible and unacceptable by people to dream about.

While walking many kilometers every day to the market to sell vegetables / fruits, she found the first business opportunity to get money for her products, so she decided to walk farther and farther to a place where she can have more profit. With the money she made she paid her school fees, purchased school books and helped a bit her grandma.., she started to understand that with strong mind and determination she can do it.

2008 Isimbi was one of the participants in beauty competition in her college which she won. Tat pushed her into her true love – Fashion, beauty and designing – together with her business mind – she opened her first company “Gift tea & coffee ltd” following to that other 2 successful companies – “Golden Models” (the first modeling agency in Rwanda) and “ Isimbi cosmetics & import “.

From the hard childhood, she become a heard working business lady, self-study, curious and a woman determined to fulfill her dreams and to build her Empire.

Today Isimbi is the CEO and owner of three companies,  multilanguage speaker, large social media influencer, public figure, international top model, and a former miss Rwanda.

Her objective is to inspire other young African women to dare to dream and to be a true example that their dreams together with hard work can become a reality.

“I want my story to be a reason why those young girls should never give up on fighting for a better life”


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